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[XvKv wek¦we`¨vjq MÖš’vMv‡ii wWwRUvB‡Rkb I wi‡cÖvMÖvwd kvLvi Rb¨ GKwU wWwRUvj d‡UvKwcqvi †gwkb µq]






RFQ No:MÖš’vMvi/cÖkvmb/  1056/2021-2022                                                            Date: 12/05/2022














1.     The Librarian, University of Dhaka has been allocated public funds and intends to apply a portion of the funds to eligible payments under the Contract for which this Quotation Document is issued.






2.     Detailed Specifications and, Design & Drawings for the intended Goods and related services shall be available in the office of the Procuring Entity for inspection by the potential Quotationers during office hours on all working days.




3.     Quotation shall be prepared and submitted using the ’Quotation Document’.






4.     Quotation shall be completed properly, duly signed-dated each page by the authorized signatory and submitted by the date to the office as specified in Para 6 below.




5.     No Securities such as Quotation Security (i.e. the traditionally termed Earnest Money, Tender Security) and Performance Security shall be required for submission of the Quotation and delivery of the Goods (if awarded) respectively.




6.     Quotation in a sealed envelope or by fax or through electronic mail shall be submitted to the office of the undersigned on or before 12.00 pm 22/05/2022. The envelope containing the Quotation must be clearly marked “Quotation for XvKv wek¦we`¨vjq MÖš’vMv‡ii wWwRUvB‡Rkb I wi‡cÖvMÖvwd kvLvi Rb¨ GKwU wWwRUvj d‡UvKwcqvi †gwkb µq and DO NOT OPEN before 12.00 pm 22/05/2022. Quotations received later than the time specified herein shall not be accepted.




7.     Quotations received by fax or through electronic mail shall be sealed-enveloped by the Procuring Entity duly marked as stated in Para 6 above and, all Quotations thus received shall be sent to the Evaluation Committee for evaluation, without opening, by the same date of closing the Quotation.




8.     The Procuring Entity may extend the deadline for submission of Quotations on justifiably acceptable grounds duly recorded subject to threshold of ten (10) days pursuant to Rule 71 (4) of the Public Procurement Rules, 2008.




9.     All Quotations must be valid for a period of at least 45 days from the closing date of the Quotation.




10.  No public opening of Quotations received by the closing date shall be held.




11.  Quotationer’s rates or prices shall be inclusive of profit and overhead and, all kinds of taxes, duties, fees, levies, and other charges to be paid under the Applicable Law, if the Contract is awarded.




12.  Rates shall be quoted and, subsequent payments under this Contract shall be made in Taka currency. The price offered by the Quotationer, if accepted shall remain fixed for the duration of the Contract.




13.  Quotationer shall have legal capacity to enter into Contract. Quotationer, in support of its qualification shall be required to submit certified photocopies of latest documents related to valid Trade License, Income Tax Certificate, VAT Registration Number and Financial Solvency Certificate from any scheduled Bank; without which the Quotation may be considered non-responsive.




14.  Quotations shall be evaluated based on information and documents submitted with the Quotations, by the Evaluation Committee and, at least three (3) responsive Quotations will be required to determine the lowest evaluated responsive Quotations for award of the Contract.




15.  In case of anomalies between unit rates or prices and the total amount quoted, the unit rates or prices shall prevail. In case of discrepancy between words and figures the former will govern. Quotationer shall remain bound to accept the arithmetic corrections made by the Evaluation Committee.




16.  The supply of Goods and related services shall be completed within 15 days from the date of issuing the Purchase Order.






17.  The Purchase Order that constitutes the Contract binding upon the Supplier and the Procuring Entity shall be issued within 07days of receipt of approval from the Approving Authority.






18.  The Procuring Entity reserves the right to reject all the Quotations or annul the procurement proceedings.








Prof. Dr. M Nasiruddin Munshi


Librarian (In-charge)


University of Dhaka




Phone: 02 9661920-73 Ext-4262, Fax: 02 9667222, Email:










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