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Dr. M. Nasiruddin Munshi
Librarian (In-charge) Dhaka University Library, University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000.
Professor, Dept. of Information Science and Library Management,
University of Dhaka, Dhaka-1000.   
Phone:88-09666911463 Ext. 4262, Mobile:01818338473

Acquisition Section

Name of Employee           DesignationMobile/Email
Mosammat Shirin SultanaDeputy Librarian and Head of the Section

01552367626; Ext. 4265 

Nadira YeasminDeputy Librarian01711463184
Md. AlauddinAssistant Librarian01712592847
Suraiya YesminAssistant Librarian01712718162
Joy Charles RozarioAssistant Librarian01672263473
A. B. M. Shafiqul IslamAssistant Librarian (LPR)01727262614
Md. Abul KashemAssistant Librarian (LPR)01929134095

Administration Section 

Name of Employee                                       Designation            Mobile/Email                                   
Md. Noman Hossain Deputy Librarian and Head of the Section                                                                       01742895227           
Md. Azizur Rahman KhanAssistant Librarian (Research)01556368603
Md. Kabir HossainSenior Accounts Officer                                     01716581016
Salah Uddin PatowarySenior Technical Officer01818341461
Anwesha JadabAssistant Librarian01721867789

Binding Section

Name of Employee                                    
Dilip Chandra Biswas                   Deputy Librarian and Head of the Section 01715239277
Md. Ahshan HabibAssistant  Librarian (Technical)01760959664
Md. Abdul Kader MiaTechnical Officer01731901522
Suraiya AkterTechnical Officer01849594001
Ujjal Kumar DeyTechnical Officer01712547309

Information Technology

Name of Employee                                        
Designation        Mobile/Email            
Md. Nazmul ISlamDeputy Librarian (Programmer) and Head of theSection


Ext. 4280   

Md. Symon IslamSenior Technical Officer01959601989
Md. Zafar IqbalTechnical Officer01784365154


Manuscript Section

Name of Employee                                   
Shaheen Sultana                                 Deputy Librarian (Research) and Head of the Section  


Ext. 293

Sadia AfrinDeputy Librarian


Mahmud HasanDeputy Librarian                                                 01715710163
Abdur Rouf BhuiyanAssistant Librarian (Technical)01829370909
Taslima AkterAssistant Librarian (Research)01742443031
Raihana PervinSection Officer01781189249

Planning and Development Section 

Name of EmployeeDesignation                                             
Md. Shakaought Hossain Bhuiyan        Deputy Librarian and Head of the Section                                  


Ext. 4263

Md. Anisur Rahman                            Deputy Librarian01717646009
Shipra Rani SarkerDeputy Librarian (Automation)01715783409
Mir Abdur Rashid MiaDeputy Librarian01552426783
Mst. Shiuli KhanamAssistant Librarian01716046611
Nasrin AlponaJunior Librarian01763653006


Name of Employee                      


Selina AkhterDeputy Librarian and Head of the Section01715219713
Rubel MiaAssistant Librarian01735881090

Processing Section

Name of Employee                            
Designation         Mobile/Email               
Md. Azharul Haque                                       Deputy Librarian (Automation) and Head of the Section                   


Ext. 4267

Mst. Farzana KarimDeputy Librarian01716613552
Supti PodderDeputy Librarian01711267675
Shahinur AhmedDeputy Librarian01977664665
Mir Yousuf Ali AzadAssistant Librarian01871039005
Shahanara BegumAssistant Librarian01815438916
Shirin Jesmin Mst. Kamrunnnahar Nazneen  Assistant Librarian01742606464
Hosne Ara BegumAssistant Librarian01752173112
Umme Maria Ema FerdousAssistant Librarian01909246072
Sadia AfrozeAssistant Librarian01983788665
Shahana FerdousJunior Librarian01715472347
Mohammmed Nayim UddinJunior Librarian01755576581
Nasira BegumJunior Librarian01871038374
Mst. Selina ParvezJunior Librarian01829755484
Sadia islamJunior Librarian01732688958
Shamima SultanaSection officer01741789239

Reader Service -1 Section

Name of EmployeeDesignationMobile/Email
Monoara Begum                    Deputy Librarian and Head of the Section


Ext. 4282

Md. Nazrul IslamDeputy Librarian01516186664
Mir Tahazzot AliPrincipal Techinical Officer01829370988
Md. Saiful Islam MollaDeputy Librarian01712187640
Md. Balayet HossainAssistant Librarian01716762118
Md. Siddique HossenAssistant Librarian01682947698
Md. Mamun HossainJunior Librarian01743986914

Reader Service -2 Section

Name of EmployeeDesignation          Mobile/Email
Shamim Ara                         Deputy Librarian and Head of the Section01914733802    
Md. Azizur Rahman         Deputy Librarian                              01714452555
Md. Mojibur RahmanPrincipal Disability Officer


Ext. 4297

Md. Khairul IslamDeputy Librarian01737078962
Tahmina Kabir TreshaDeputy Librarian01581605634
Md. Mir Aershedul KarimAssistant Librarian01921035789
Md. Sarwar Hossain KhanAssistant Librarian01715014271
Md. Shahin SarkerAssistant Librarian01980204077
Md. Rasel MiaAssistant Librarian (Technical)01675936461
Hafizur RahmanAssistant Librarian01710880932
Md. Kamrul HasanJunior Librarian01813395294
Rina Rani SarkarJunior Librarian01727265564

Reader Service -3 Section

Name of EmployeeDesignationMobile/Email
Miah Hasan Jamil Shishir      Deputy Librarian and Head of the Section01716628862    
Mohammad Abu KaowserAssistant Librarian01715275855
Md. Mamun KhanSenior Technical Officer01715305235

Digitization and Reprography Section

Name of Employee       DesignationMobile/Email
Shahin Akter             Deputy Librarian  and Head of the Section


Ext. 4269               

Md. RashiduzzamanDeputy Librarian (Reproduction)01719074099             
Md. Bellal HossainAssistant Librarian (Technical)01819127162
Md. Jamal UddinAssistant Librarian (Technical)01727285486
Md. Alamgir HossainSenior Technical Officer (LPR)01912103494

Science Section

Name of Employee                    Designation                               Mobile/Email
Tanzeba Raihan ShomaDeputy Librarian & Head of the Section                                            01626880336; Ext. 4273          
Helal AhmedDeputy Librarian01822923575
Sheikh Joynal AbedinDeputy Librarian01939364755
Mohammad Mahabub Alom       Assistant Librarian01611378277
S. M. Masum MurshedAssistant Librarian (Procurement) 017171340067
Md. Mahabubur Rahman BhuiyanAssistant Librarian01923515794
Md. Mazharul HaqueAssistant Librarian01834142977
Nasima Khanam      Assistant Librarian01724792378

Numbers of Information Desks

Acquisition Section

88-09666911463 Ext-4265                                        


88-09666911463 Ext-4279


88-09666911463 Ext-4283

Bindings Section

88-09666911463 Ext-4290

Borrowers' ID Card

88-09666911463 Ext-4263

Circulation Desk (Main Library)

88-09666911463 Ext-4288

Cyber Center(E-zone)

88-09666911463 Ext-4694

Data Center

88-09666911463 Ext-4280

Information Technology

88-09666911463 Ext-4280

Manuscript Section

88-09666911463 Ext-4264

Periodical Section

88-09666911463 Ext-4270

Processing Section

88-09666911463 Ext-4267

Reader service

88-09666911463 Ext-4271

Reference Section

88-09666911463 Ext-4271

Reprography Section

88-09666911463 Ext-4287

Resource Centre (For Visually Impaired Students)

88-09666911463 Ext-4297

Science Library          

88-09666911463 Ext-4273