Where is the Central Library and Library Science Section ?

The Central Library is located in the Arts Faculty Campus, South side of Dhaka University Central Mosque.

The Science Section is located in the Mukarram Hosain Campus near Doel Chattar.

Where is the Library Cyber Center?

The Library Cyber Center is located in the Ground Floor of Central Library Administrative Building.

Where is the Resource Center for Visually Impaired Students?

The Resource Center for Visually Impaired Students is located in the Ground Floor of Central Library Administrative Building, beside Library Cyber Center.

When is the Library open?

Please refer to the Library Opening Hours web page.

How do I join the Library

If you are a currently registered Dhaka University student, you need to submit a prescribed Borrower’s Information Form with one passport size recent photograph for your borrowers ID card to become a member of the Library. You will need to have it with you to enter at the Library and to borrow the Library materials.

What are the Library Policies and Rules?

You can find these online at The Dhaka University Library Policies and Rules page.

Where can I find the Library layout?

The Library has three buildings – Main building, Administrative building and Science building. Main and Administrative building has two levels each and the Science library is a two storied building - see the Library Layout page for an overview of the library.

Can I eat or drink in the Library?

It is prohibited to eat or drink inside the library. You may eat or drink at the nearest eating place outside the Library.

Can I use my mobile phone in the Library?

Talking on mobile phones is only permitted in the stairways and should be as quiet as possible. In areas designated for Quiet and Silent study, mobile phones should be kept on silent mode.

What should I do if I lose something in the Library?

Inquire at the Reader Service Section on ground floor of Main Library.

The charge for loss of a Token is Tk 20 which have to deposit to Janata bank of Dhaka University branch.