Your Library Account

As a member of the Library you automatically have a Library Account. You should check Your Library Account regularly to monitor your library transactions and thus prevent fines accumulating.

Library Account Passward
Collect the Passward when you collect the Borrowers ID card .

Contact Details
This shows your email address and phone number held by the Library. If these are not correct, please inform the Borrowers ID card services staff.

Issue Details
This lists the Accession numbers you have on loan, the date each item is due for return. You can also view the books you issued.

Booking detail

Shows the list of booking items those are available in the library. You can cancel the booking item any time.

Hold detail
This section gives details about the hold requests you have placed, but which are not yet available and hold items waiting to be collected by you.

Here you will find details of any outstanding fines that you owe.

Renewals not allowed

  • if the item has been held by another user
  • if the item has already been renewed three times consecutively

Logging out of your Library Account
Remember to click on the logout button at the top of the user service screen to disconnect from this service and prevent your details being available for others to view.