Library Facilities

The computer printing service is only available in the Dhaka University library reprography section.

CD/DVD Write:
Only old and rare manuscripts, microfilm and microfiche in digital form are available for CD/DVD Write.

Photocopy Service:
The photocopy services are offered from the following locations:

Main Library Building:
Reading Room – 1st Floor
Reading Room – 2nd Floor

Administrative Building:
Periodical Section – Ground Floor
Reprography Section – 2nd Floor

Science Library Building:
Xerox section - Ground Floor


Carrel Booking:
Carrels are available in the main library that can only be reserved by the faculty members or researchers for higher studies.

Online Catalogue Search:
Computer terminals are available for use by faculty members and students to search the library OPAC.

Borrowers’ ID card:
Faculty members, students and other library users need digital borrowers’ ID card to use the library. Please contact the library if you have any questions.

Teachers’ Book Issue Counter:
Books can be issued, renewed and returned from this counter using automated system. A digital borrower’s ID card is required.  


Cyber Centre:
The Cyber Centre is located on the south side of the ground floor at Administrative Building.


Resource Centre:
A modern and international standard Resource Centre for Visually Impaired students is located on the ground floor of the Library Administrative Building. This Centre works in collaboration with the Sight Savers International for visually impaired students. The centre houses  Braille Books,  computers with specialized  software and modern Braille Printers.
Reading Rooms:
Student Reading Room, Main library - First Floor
The first floor of the Library consists of reading rooms and a books stack area. This floor contains books covering 12 disciplines eg.- Sociology, Statistics, Political Science, Economics, Law, History, Biography, Geography, Journalism, Anthropology, Social Welfare, and Public Administration.

Student Reading Room, Main library - Second Floor
The second floor of the library consists of reading rooms and a books stack area. This floor coversr 11 disciplines eg.-  Information Science and Library Management, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Linguistics, Anthropology, Business Administration, English, Bengali, Arabic, Urdu and Persian.

Student Reading Room, Science library - Ground Floor and First Floor

Books and reading materials of the following disciplines are preserved in the stack area:

Generalities, Cosmology, Psychology, Logic, Ethics (Moral Philosophy), Statistics, Pure Science, Mathematics,  Astronomy and Allied Sciences, Physics, Chemistry and Allied Sciences, Sciences of Earth and other worlds, Paleontology, Life Sciences, Botanical Sciences, Zoological Sciences, Technology (Applied Sciences), Medical Sciences, Engineering and Allied Operation, Agriculture and Related Technology, Home Economics and Family living, Chemical and related Technology, Manufactures, Buildings, General Geography and History, General Geography and Travel, General History of Ancient World, General History of Europe and General History of Asia.

Reference Reading Room, Main Library
It is located on the south side of the ground floor of the main library building. Reference Collections provide comprehensive reference and research materials in the field of humanities, especially religion, philosophy, language, literature, art and history, as well as  biography, bibliography, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries and current affairs.


Reference  and Thesis Room, Science Library

Teachers and researchers can use thesis and reference tools from this room which are non-issuable.

Periodicals Reading Room
The periodicals section is located on the ground floor of the Administrative Building and Science Library Building. Library users can read  journals in the  bound volume.  

Archives, Rare Books and Special Collections Reading Room

This room is located on the ground floor of the main library building. There are also confined books and documents available in Science Library.


Current News Paper Reading Room
Dhaka University library preserves all well-circulated daily newspapers in Bangladesh. Users can read these newspapers from 8am to 9pm in Main Library and Science Library.

Old News Paper Reading Room

Old and rare newspapers are preserved in the ground floor of the Administrative Building. These newspapers are only available in bound volume format.
Seminar Section
Located on the ground floor of the Administrative Building. The students of Faculty of Arts, Law, Business Studies, Social Sciences, Fine Arts and Education can issue one book from the Seminar Section. 

Manuscript Reading Room
The library houses 30,000 handwritten manuscripts, many from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, in various languages and a large number of tracts (booklets, leaflets, pamphlets, and puthis) which are also preserved in microforms and CDs.                                       

Microfilm and Microfiche Reading Room

Some old and rare documents are kept in microfilm or microfiche  format which are preserved in reprography section.

Personal Laptop:      
Library users can use their own laptops in the Library.